Switch to green business electricity in 4 simple steps


True or false: Zeus brings us electricity. In ancient mythology, he controlled the weather, and when we power our businesses with green electricity, we harness renewable energy from sources like the sun and wind. So, it’s all down to Zeus, right?

Whilst that’s not quite how it works, it’s not such a distant memory when people were suspicious of renewable energy and its reliability. The good news is that we’ve moved on since then, and it has become a high priority for many business owners to power their businesses in a sustainable way.

More and more organisations are doing their part to balance their carbon footprint and reflecting their corporate values with the changes they make, like switching to green energy.

Environmentally-friendly energy

Green energy is better for the environment than traditional energy sources like oil and coal because it reduces the release of harmful CO2 emissions and uses renewable resources that are naturally replenished. It can be generated from our environment, and even by weather patterns.

In recent years, there has been a surge of clean energy production. Record-breaking numbers of people are choosing to power their homes or businesses more sustainably.
Green energy sources include:

  • Wind power, which is harnessed by wind turbines that you might spot out at sea, perched on hills, near valleys and in other windy areas.
  • Solar power, which converts light and heat from the sun into power by absorbing it through solar panels, often installed on rooftops or across acres of land to create solar farms.
  • Hydroelectric power, wave power and tidal power, which all convert moving water to kinetic energy, usually with turbines moving when the moon’s gravitational pull causes tides or the wind generates waves, or because dams create motion in large bodies of water.
  • Geothermal power, which captures underground heat and steam from deep within the earth and uses this as an energy source.

Competitive green business electricity prices

Green energy might have come at a premium price once upon a time, but that’s not the story any more. With advances in technology and better infrastructure making green business electricity more easily accessible, you won’t need to compromise on anything, especially not cost.

You can compare business electricity prices with Utility Saving Expert, the UK’s leading socially-conscious comparison site. Utility Saving Expert compares trusted energy providers, including a wide range of eco-friendly tariffs, and tailors results to suit your needs.

It’s completely free to use and the site is run independently, generating impartial results that will always show the best deals for your business. There’s even a guarantee that you won’t find better prices elsewhere, even on suppliers’ websites.

How to compare green business electricity deals

Comparing and switching commercial electricity supplier can be done in minutes, and it doesn’t matter if you’re already using a green electricity supplier or not. The process is the same, and it’s straightforward:

  1. Visit UtilitySavingExpert.com

    Navigate to the business electricity page and use their online comparison tool.

  2. Enter a few details about your business

    All you need to compare deals is your business postcode, a little information about your electricity usage and current supplier. For the most accurate comparison, refer to a past business energy bill.

  3. Look through the results to find the best deal

    Tailored results show the best electricity deals available, with estimates of financial savings your business could make and details about each provider. For renewable deals, you’ll see a green sticker by the supplier name saying 100% renewable.

  4. Confirm you’d like to switch to green business electricity

    After you confirm you’d like to switch to a green business electricity supplier, there’s not much else you need to do. Utility Saving Expert will liaise with your new supplier and the whole switch will be managed for you.

The process of comparing business electricity suppliers and securing a green energy deal takes just a few minutes. There’s no additional admin for your team to add to their workload, and vitally, no disruption to the electricity you rely on to power your business.

When developing your business’ sustainability credentials, don’t overlook the simple environmentally-friendly strategy of switching business electricity to a green supplier.